Ottawa Impact Education PAC

Donna Mooney received an endorsement for school board in Jenison, Michigan.

Rachel Atwood

Jenison, Michigan

“Donna Mooney has my full confidence and gratitude for her ongoing efforts to educate, inform, and act on behalf of the families of the Jenison Public Schools! She is a powerful advocate for our students and the kind of leadership we need to face the new challenges in our schools. Donna has my full confidence, support, and my vote on November 8!”

Dr. Linda Lee Tarver

“Donna Mooney is a fighter for parental rights, transparency and education excellence in the public school system. I’ve come to know Donna as a mother who loves all children and is committed to preserving every child’s innocence and right to a strong education, not indoctrination. I have the utmost confidence that Donna will lead with integrity and focus her efforts on improving the quality of education as well as building trust and transparency between the parents, students and educators in the Jenison Public school district. I’m proud to endorse Donna Mooney for school board.”